This Privacy Policy outlines what kind of information we gather and store as you use the site and how we use that information. Please be aware that all information is gathered and stored in accordance with GDPR regulations. We take the privacy of our users and their sensitive information very seriously.


We collect user data directly from information provided by users and indirectly through third-party services.


When a user submits information to us through the use of any forms, booking systems or shopping carts, we process and store that data on a secured database.

The data we store is only gathered from information supplied by the user. We never fish, scrape or extract user data – sensitive or otherwise – from other site cookies or local browser storage.


This site is built on the WordPress platform which uses its own tools and metrics for gathering non-user-specific data, through cookies and other data-aggregation services. Please read more about WordPress’s privacy policy here.

We may use Google Analytics to gather demographic information about visitors to our site. We do not use this information to view, gather or collect specific private, personal or sensitive information about any of our site users. Please read more about Google Analytics here.

Bookings are managed via VikRentCar, a third-party platform. Please read more about VikRentCar here.

Site payments are processed by Stripe. We never gather, copy or store a user’s credit or debit card information. Any transactions made on a person’s card are done using systems built and maintained by Stripe in accordance with their policies.


User security and privacy is paramount so we never store credit or debit card information. All other data is only kept for as long as is necessary.

When a user starts a booking, VikRentCar maintains a session until the booking is completed, or until the user closes their browser window, cancels the booking/order, or leaves the site. If the process (including payment) is not completed, all of the gathered information is deleted.

All of the data we keep is used for business reasons, including (but not limited to) identifying a customer at the point of collection, reference for online or phone queries, processing final payments, repeat payments or refunds, tax-compliance and insurance against theft or damage.


Every site user has the right to request a copy of all the information stored about them on our site and any of our third-party providers.

Site users may also request that we delete all of their information, however some data may have to be kept for a fixed period of time for legal and tax-compliance reasons. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

If you would like to discuss your data, please contact us at


Please click here to read our Terms & Conditions before continuing with any bookings, purchases or transactions on this website.